A Parent’s Guide to Recreational Soccer

The SCSA is organized to let all boys have fun, get exercise, and learn sportsmanship by playing soccer. We are a volunteer organization, including coaches and league officers. There are no tryouts. Players are placed on teams by impartial league officials, mostly based on school district, in an effort to keep competition balanced and the distance from home to practice short.

The SCSA league serves boys in the southeast quadrant of greater Cincinnati, including Anderson Township, Union Township, Amelia, Batavia, Newtown, Mariemont, Mt Washington and some Northern Kentucky communities. Leagues are based on the players birth year. Our youngest players will turn 5 years old by December 31, and the oldest players will turn 19. Teams typically practice one or two days a week and have games on weekends. All games are played at school or park fields in Anderson and Union Townships.

Safety First

Soccer is a contact sport. Normal play will sometimes result in injuries, including concussions. As recent research has uncovered the dangers of suffering multiple concussions, Ohio Law now requires coaches and referees to look for signs of concussion. If a player shows these signs, he will not be allowed to continue playing that day, and must receive written clearance from a medical professional before resuming play or practice.

The Leagues

The youngest players, Dribblers (5 year olds by Dec 31) and Trappers (6) play a simple 4v4 game. There is no goal keeper, no throw-ins, no indirect kicks. Boys use a #3 soccer ball. Teams actually play two games at once so that all twelve boys on the team get plenty of time on the field. Primarily, we want them to learn individual skills, such as how to dribble the ball and how to shoot at the goal. Coaches substitute players freely between either game, trying to get each boy about 2/3 playing time. Scores can be high, but we don’t keep statistics for this age group. All players receive participation trophies or bobbleheads after the fall season.

Shooters (7 year olds) and Passers (8) play a 7v7 game that includes a goal keeper and throw-ins.  They play with a #3 soccer ball. At each quarter, the ref will stop play to “clear the bench:” all boys not in the game enter it. No boy plays three quarters unless everyone else has played two. Scores are kept and league standings are tracked. First and second place teams in the league receive trophies. At the end of the season, all teams are entered into a two round playoff. Trophies for the first and second place teams.

Flyers (9 year olds) and Wings (10) play a 9v9 game that includes direct and indirect kicks, penalty kicks for fouls in the box. The offside rule is called for flagrant violations (usually for trying to stay near the opposing goal). They use a #4 soccer ball. Substitutions use the “clear the bench” procedure.

Strikers (11 and 12 years old) play a full 11v11 game, played with a #4 soccer ball. Substitutions use the “clear the bench” procedure.

Kickers (13 and 14 years old) and Minors (15-19) play a full 11v11 game with a #5 soccer ball and free substitutions-essentially the same as a high school game.

For more information, read the complete rule book or take the online referee class.

How to be a good fan

It is easy to enjoy watching your son make a great shot or steal the ball from an attacker. Learn to enjoy the good play by the other team; competition is what makes your son strive to improve.

Please don’t second guess the referee–even after the occasional bad call. If you see problems with the coaching or refereeing, feel free to contact us using the links above, pointing out the time and location of the game so that we’ll know who officiated. We’ll try to help the refs learn before the next game.

Lost and Found

The Anderson Park District hangs on to everything they find on the fields. Call 474-0003 for lost items.