Bill Schrandt Award

From time to time, SCSA recognizes an individual who has made a substantial contribution to the youth soccer program in the Southeast Cincinnati area.

In December 2016, Chris Hovde was presented with the award. Chris joined the board in 2005 and has worked on coach training, the web site, team shirts and team photos, plus some refereeing and player placement. In 2016 he took over as president of the board. He is shown with former Schrandt award winners.


left to right: Todd Zech, Steve Wilson, Chris Hovde, Richard Pendleton, and Dan Ilg

In 2015, we recognized Richard Pendleton. Richard served on the board of directors from 2006 through 2015. During that time, he contributed greatly by serving (simultaneously) as head of player placement and as the player placement representative for several divisions. He returned to a second stint as head of player placement when his replacement was unable to continue. He continues to coach and referee games, and he plans to work as an advisor to the new head of player placement. Thanks for a decade of hard work!


Richard Pendleton (right) receives the Schrandt Award an a plaque commemorating his service on the board.

In attendance at the award banquet were three other winners: League President Steve Wilson, Vice President Dan Ilg, and Treasurer Todd Zech.

Schrandt Award winners Steve Wilson (1996), Todd Zech (2006), Dan Ilg (1998) and Richard Pendleton (2015).

Schrandt Award winners Steve Wilson (1996), Todd Zech (2006), Dan Ilg (1998) and Richard Pendleton (2015).


Winners of the award include:

  • 1978 S. Jackson Hubbard
  • 1979 John C. Dacey
  • 1980 Jim Tuke
  • 1982 Barry Johnson
  • 1985 Jim Martella
  • 1986 Virginia Rodgers
  • 1987 Biz Martella
  • 1989 Linda Crawford
  • 1994 Bill Bertram
  • 1995 Wayne Hermann
  • 1996 Steve Wilson
  • 1997 Gail and Gary Goodpaster
  • 1998 Dan Ilg
  • 1999 Gretchen Willis
  • 2006 Todd Zech
  • 2014 Jim Waldron
  • 2015 Richard Pendleton
  • 2016 Chris Hovde