Soccer, unlike some other team sports, is centered on the player.  In some sports, the game stops often and the coach tells players what to do next.  In soccer, the game rarely stops and the players must decide what to do on their own.  You need to be aware in a soccer game and be able to make decisions for yourself.  The player who can make a difference in a match is a savvy soccer player. This means you need to not only learn the skills of the game, but also the rules and strategies.  To learn the rules for
your specific age group you can go to the US Youth Soccer website. From time to time ask the referee about the rules before your match or between your matches at a tournament.

Since you all are the ones playing the game, during a match it’s the individual players’ responsibility to talk to their teammates and make decisions. You must take responsibility for what you do on the field. Players should be doing most of the talking during a match, while coaches can offer their advice.  The players play the game, so you need to take charge after the kickoff whistle blows.

To learn more about strategies of soccer, you need to become a student of the game.  First of all listen to your coach and be willing to ask questions about the game.  Go watch live and televised matches. Check out local professional and college teams. Tune into The US Youth Soccer Show on Fox Soccer. Read soccer books and magazines.  Watch soccer videos and DVDs.  Even video games like FIFA 12 can help you get a better picture of the game in your head.  Learn all you can about the game.