FALL Season 2017

Fall season is getting underway.  Here’s a list of things to do to get ready:

  1. Make sure your player placement rep knows you want to coach. Figure out your son’s division listed on our home page . The player placement reps will receive messages address to their division, for instance, Parents with player placement questions should use our contact form .
  2. Register your son, and encourage the parents from last year’s team to register theirs too. Registration opens May 1. All registrations are due by August 1, but early birds get a discount.
  3. The president sends out messages to coaches via a mail list on MailChimp. We try to keep this list synched with the list used by your player placement rep, but no system is perfect (as the president learned last year). This year, you can join the mail list-very useful if you are a first-time coach or your email has changed.
  4. All coaches should plan to attend two admin meetings. The July 25th meeting is a sit-down affair-expect to be lectured on the new stuff for the year. [2017 Fall Coaches Packet] The August 22 meeting is a quick drop-in meeting, just stop by any time and swap paperwork, order team pictures, buy additional t-shirts etc.
  5. Call in for a practice field July 26 and August 1st.
  6. Check back here for updates on practice fields, meeting dates, etc.

PRACTICE FIELDS: Teams have two options: free fields at local schools or renting park district fields

  • Practice Field Call In Date July 26 and Aug 1. Plan to call to reserve a field on that evening if you want to use one of the free fields.

    Details are posted here: Fall 2017 Practice Field Instructions

  • Information for park district fields. You will need to turn in pages 2 and 3 of the request form along with your team roster. All forms are due July 27th.  (If the roster isn’t available, it can be turned in later,but the form is still due July 27th.) Fields will open August 7 for practices, but goals are not guaranteed until the week of the first scheduled games (same as always). Teams that choose to use these fields must pay the park district themselves; the league fee does not cover practices held at APD fields. Make sure your team’s parents are ok with the extra cost.

News from the board

Head balls and concussions: The board adopted a new the rules about head balls in light of recent guidelines put forth by US Youth Soccer. Intentional heading is now considered a Dangerous Play for Dribblers, Trappers, Shooters, Passers, Flyers, Wings and Strikers. Starting at the Kickers level, heading is allowed in games, but restricted to 10 head balls during practices.

Respecting referees: We had one double-yellow-> red card issued to a parent on the sidelines of the fall tournament (thanks to the coaches of both teams for clear accounts of what happened at the game). Please remind your parents that they are NEVER TO QUESTION the referee’s calls. We’ll be out on the field reminding spectators to respect the calls by the referees both by word and action. Please lead by example. You will have issues with bad calls. We don’t think our refs are perfect. We know they don’t get better by having people yell at them during games, instead they quit, and we have to tap younger, less experienced refs. COACHES-please collect feedback from your parents and forward to Steve Petigout or

New members: The board is only at 50% strength. Parents (any parents, you don’t have to be a coach) interested in helping out should contact Chris Hovde (513) 624-9345, Some fun areas where we can use help: keep our website and facebook page up to date, run the booth at the Forest Hills 5k, organize and promote our FC Cincinnati-related activities. Help train referees and coaches, help with Player Placement and Referee Assignment.


Two things all coaches and assistants must do:

  • CONCUSSION TRAINING: Coaches and Referees: you need to pass a concussion training course approved by the Ohio Department of Health at least once every three years, beginning in April 2013. SCSA detailed instructions on concussion training
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Coaches (including assistants) must present a risk management certificate that is valid through the end of the season. Risk management information is completed online by a third-party company through our parent organization, Ohio South Youth Soccer Association. All names are checked against lists of people whose legal history includes violent or sexual crimes.  Start at OYSA Risk Management . To check on your status, click the “log-in” link on the left column. To start a new application, click the “registration” tab in the middle of the page.

Coaches Clinics

  • We hold a clinic before the spring season, paired with the pre-season administrative meeting for new coaches. Date TBD. We hold a coaching clinic in the fall. LOCATION: CHERRY GROVE UNITED METHODIST, Eight Mile Road, Saturday Aug 5 at 9 am.
  • New Coaches Clinic Packet
  • Refereeing classes will be offered in the summer.
  • Ohio South has a new page with info for coaches: OHIO SOUTH COACHING ARTICLES

Team Information Web Page for coaches to enter team name and colors.

Soccer Field Insurance
Download Form

Sample Letter to parents

Download sample letter for Dribblers and Trappers

Form for Coaching multiple teams
Download Form

Skills and Drills
Download information provided in the “Skills and Drills”

Team Uniforms

The league provides cotton T-shirts to all Dribblers and Trappers teams each spring (and to new players in those leagues in the fall). Older teams provide their own uniforms and can chose their own colors. They can buy the cotton T shirts while available for $5/shirt in YS, YM and YL. Other options include having custom shirts printed up by local businesses such as Sports Connection, or from MLS Rec, which sells jerseys that match pro teams for $13. For Dribblers and Trappers, we won’t schedule any games against teams of the same color. For older age groups, the home team must have a back up plan if both teams have the same color (for instance, pinneys or white t-shirts).