Referee Clinics for New Referees

Learn to referee rec soccer games. Open to anyone 12 years to adult

“The best-paid position in the whole league”

Becoming a referee has never been easier. Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association, Inc. and Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association, Inc. will conduct joint referee clinics this summer to prepare individuals who have NEVER refereed before so that they can become referees for our neighborhood recreational programs.Experience has demonstrated that when boys and girls reach the age 12 or older (born in 2004), they can start refereeing the younger age groups.  However, the referee clinics outlined here are not just for younger age boys and girls, but are for everyone that will step forward to help by becoming a soccer referee. We urge parents to take the steps outlined below and support your children by becoming referees in your program. As part of our training, new referees are assigned to games in the younger age groups. In this way, the new referees can learn and gain the necessary experience to become more highly skilled as referees.

All NEW referees must complete the following steps to become qualified and licensed referees and be able to referee soccer games for Girls Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association and Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association.

  1. Attend all three (3) days of either set of classroom sessions (see dates below – with permission you may mix and match).
  2. Pass the Referee Test that is given at the end of the third class room session.

As noted there will be two different sets (in different weeks) of classroom referee training clinics. Each of the two different sessions contains three days of material related to the Referee Clinic. We offer the two clinics in different weeks so that we can accommodate anyone who may have a conflict with one or the other of the opportunities.   Each of the different Referee Clinics is composed of three classroom referee training sessions that you must attend. (It may be possible to mix and match from the three different Referee Clinics, but this needs to be approved in advance. If you need to mix and match email your request to the following address.

Chris Daniel

The following are the Referee Clinic dates for 2017:


New Ref P1 Tues. July 18 6:00 to 9:00 pm Discussion of the Rules
New Ref P2 Wed. July 19 6:00 to 9:00 pm Discussion of the Rules
New Ref P3 Thurs July 20 6:00 to 9:00 pm Application of the Rules / Test


New Ref P1 Wed Aug 9 6:00 to 9:00 pm Discussion of the Rules
New Ref P2 Fri Aug 11 6:00 to 9:00 pm Discussion of the Rules
New Ref P3 Tues Aug 15 6:00 to 9:00 pm Application of the Rules /Test

You must PASS the referee test that is given at the conclusion of the REFEREE TRAINING Clinic session in order to receive your Referee Badge (to be worn on your referee shirt) and be assigned to referee games.

The referee classroom clinic will be held in the recreational room (main hall) of American Legion Post 484 located at 1837 Sutton Avenue in Mt. Washington on the dates and times shown above.   Remember, you must attend each of the three (3) different sessions in one of the two weeks of Referee Clinics.   Understand that each classroom day covers different subjects. A referee test will be given to all that attend.  Badges will be given out to those that pass the test and is to be sown to the individuals referee shirt on the left of the shirt (where the shirt pocket would be located).

All referees are expected to wear a referee uniform (shirt, dark shorts, dark socks) to all games. We will have available for sale referee shirts for all new referees or for experienced referees who have out grown their current referee shirt. We sell the shirts below cost for $8.00 each. They’ll be available for purchase (cash or check) at each clinic.

ALL REFEREES ARE PAID FOR EACH GAME AT THE FIELD BY THE COACHES PRIOR TO THE GAME. Referee fees by age group – younger age to older age are listed on the web sites for the two organizations

BOYS:                WWW.SCSA-SOCCER.ORG


Chris Daniel (313-3925)

Executive Director of Referee Instruction, Training, and Certification

For the Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Council