Volunteer to Help

Get involved with the Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association! It takes a lot of work to run a soccer program, and parent involvement is key to our success. If you have children that play soccer, or are interested in playing soccer, we enourage you to get involved as well!
Below are Task Force Groups that can use some help.
  • Coaching-still the most fun
  • Player Placement-making sure every boy has a team and every team has a coach (mostly before the season starts)
  • Ref Assignors-make sure each game has one or two referees (mostly during the season).
  • Field and Equipment Management-Especially nets in the early and late part of the season
  • Website Maintenance-both the front end (this web site) and the back end (software connection to our database)
  • Marketing-Since 1974 this has been a great league for a great price, but that doesn't mean everyone has heard about it. Facebook, newspapers, yard signs, flyers...
For new players in the dribbler and trapper divisions, we're always looking for volunteer coaches. Coaches have the MOST IMPORTANT role in youth soccer. They have the most reach, and the most influence "introducing" our sport to so many aspiring children each year. This introductory role is of crucial importance if we are to maintain an vibrant and healthy flow of talented and motivated athletes seeking to excel at the top levels. At the younger levels is where all the action is. Don't be scared we offer great coaching clinics that will help you get started.
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