Revised Shooters and Passers Schedule

Here is the revised schedule for SHOOTERS AND PASSERS. Some games will not be played until next weekend.

THIS SCHEDULE NOW REFLECTS THE NOV 3 update to avoid SCSA Futsal games, affecting the two Shooters games in bold. Originally, they were rescheduled for Saturday, but now they will be played on Sunday.

SHOOTER AND PASSERS rain out schedule
Day Date Filed Time Division Teams Cup
Sun 10/29/2017 Kellogg 1 1:00 Shooter H05 vs H01 A PRES. 2
Sun 10/29/2017 Kellogg 1 2:15 Shooter H02 vs H08 B PRES. 1
Sun 10/29/2017 Kellogg 1 3:30 Shooter H04 vs H07 KOH
Sun 10/29/2017 Riverside 9 1:00 Passers P05 vs P01 C PRES. 1
Sun 10/29/2017 Riverside 9 2:15 Passers P03 vs P04 KOH
SUN 11/5/2017 Riverside 9 1:00 Shooters (Winner B) vs H03   PRES. 1
SUN 11/5/2017 Riverside 9 2:15 Shooters (Winner A) vs H06   PRES. 2
SAT 11/4/2017 Riverside 9 3:30 Passers (Winner C) vs P02 PRES. 1

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